About Liz Tracy

Miami Writer Liz Tracy Takes a Stroll Through the Mangrove Muck (Video)

Wearing a “beard” she made out of cotton balls and a manila folder, Liz Tracy once introduced herself to Rick Ross as Rick Ross.

In 2007, the Miami-bred writer figured out that the internet was a wonderful place to express her unpopular opinions. She established the websites Miami, Bro and The Heat Lightning. She has since written for publications such as Miami New Times, The New York TimesThe Atlantic, GlamourViceRolling Stone, PitchforkNPR, Refinery29Ocean Drive, The Huffington Post, NBC Miami, Time Out Miami, Insomniac, and The Daily Dot. She covered technology and parenting for an Intel-sponsored pop-up site on Gizmodo called Catapult in 2017.

Liz spent three years as music editor at New Times Broward Palm Beach, one and a half as grant writer at Perez Art Museum Miami, and several months as weekend news editor at Inverse. She is currently managing editor for print of the quarterly magazine, Tom Tom

She has her master’s degree in religion from Florida State University. She taught classes at Florida International University, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, and Boston’s Grub Street.

You may have seen her as the interviewer in the viral “Butt Hole Tattoo Girl” video that was featured on Real Time with Bill Maher, MTV, and Comedy Central.

Liz is raising her 2-year-old in Washington, D.C. 

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