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The New York Times
Feb. 7, 2019, Mom, I’m Gay. Can My Friends Sleep Over?
March 7, 2018, Being a Sober Parent in a Wine Mom Culture

November 20, 2019, What It’s Like to Parent in Recovery

No Depression
(print only)
Fall 2019, Wellness issue – Ballad Therapy: The Healing Power of a Traditional Tune
Winter 2019, Vision issue – Coat of Many Colors: Women in Roots Music Are Changing the Fashion Game
Summer 2020, Tools of the Trade issue – The Art of Inlay: An Instrument’s Design Presents an Opportunity for Visual Self-Expression
Summer 2021, Voice issue – Call of the Cowboy: A History of Yodeling in Roots Music
Winter 2021, Good News issue – Influenza Blues: How Pandemics Have Shifted the American Roots Musical Landscape

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Maggot Brain
(print only)

Inaugural Issue, 2020, Miami’s Dracula: Your New Favorite Folk Duo

July 11, 2019, How are small farms surviving? Airbnb.

The Temper
June 12, 2019, I Quit Drinking to Support My Partner— Here’s How That Works

The Atlantic
May 22, 2017, Why I Stayed on Antidepressants While Pregnant and Nursing
August 5, 2016, What It’s Like to Be Pregnant in Miami with Zika on the Loose
July 21, 2011, In Miami, an Alternative Cultural Renaissance

April 2, 2019, Trying To Find Affordable Child Care Is Not The Job I Wanted
September 25, 2017, When You Have To Decide Between Your Career & Your Sick Kid, Is There A Choice?

September 13, 2018, My Life as a Work-at-Home-Mom Was Hell
May 11, 2018, The Maternity Leave Mistake That Devastated My Family’s Financial Situation

July 31, 2019, Partying to Parenting: Mom Shame Made Me Question Everything About Myself

April 6, 2017, How to Treat the Elderly, According to the Elderly
March 31, 2017, What Expectant Mothers Are Seldom Told About Childbirth
March 29, 2017, How to Treat Moms, According to Moms

June 19, 2019, Camps help ease anxiety for LGBTQ campers and for their parents back home

November 17, 2017, Forebears: Maybelle Carter, The Mother Of Popular Country Music

April 25, 2019, Music Fuels My Postpartum Care

April 28, 2016, Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour: The Complete Breakdown of Her First Show

Rolling Stone
July 22, 2015, Gunplay on ‘Being True to Yourself and Saying Some Real S–t’

December 20, 2018, How to Raise a Friendly Child
July 10, 2019, ‘Molly Of Denali’ & The Notable Absence Of Indigenous Shows For Kids

November 19, 2018, Meet the Modern Farmers: Tamer and Claire Harpke of Harpke Family Farm

Miami New Times 
August 13, 2019, In Unity and Defiance, Miami Musicians Embrace the Spanish Language
September 14, 2018, The Past and Future of Beat Camp, Miami’s Most Influential Drum ‘n’ Bass Party
May 29, 2014, Churchill’s Pub: An Oral History (with S. Pajot)
February 9, 2016, Profile on artist Farley Aguilar: “Invisible Country” at Spinello Projects
January 12, 2016, Rapper Robb Bank$ Is a Phenomenon Among Millennial Hip-Hop Fans
December 8, 2015, Profile on artist and Holly Hunt drummer Beatriz Monteavaro: “Nochebuena” at Locust Projects
October 22, 2011, Occupy Miami: Snoring, Politics, and Dead Can Dance

New Times Broward Palm Beach
July 9, 2014, Jenna Balfe Dances in Mangroves: Healing with Performance and Nature
May 20, 2014, Churchill’s Pub, My Childhood Drawings, Filth, and Art